Steve Lesnard, Using Digital Mediums for Marketing

Marketing has changed over the last few years, and more brands are focusing on social and digital mediums for advertising. The revolution of technology has made digital platforms an integral part of our lives. Digital platforms are the source of new market trends in every sector, and millions of people are on social media platforms following trends and connecting. According to Steve Lesnard, many brands have turned to digital platforms for advertising because of its added benefits and the power it has in influencing consumer trends. As much as digital mediums are a powerful tool, most companies do not know how to leverage it properly. A lot of institutions fail at using digital and social mediums to advertise their product.

Steve Lesnard believes the companies that leverage the digital platform s properly are those that focus on the consumer instead of the product. These brands also highlight the value and benefits for the consumer which effectively markets their products. If a brand wants to leverage social media properly, Steve Lesnard provides two guidelines that they need to follow.

  1. Bring it to life

Consumers always purchase a product that they can use in their day to day life. A product, therefore, needs to communicate to consumers how it can be used in real life and the benefits of using the product. This shows consumers the real-life experience they get once they purchase a product. Bringing a product to life makes it real for the consumer which convinces them to buy it. Another way of bringing a product to life is by using testimonials from other customers. Once potential consumers see this, they will buy the product without any question.

  1. Simplicity

When creating adverts for products on digital mediums, the story needs to be clear. It needs to clearly outline the benefits to the consumer and also show the value of buying the product. Simplifying the message may not be easy, but it is the only chances at ensuring consumers remember the product. The slogan plays a vital role in this part. The slogan needs to be clear, simple and precise.

Matthew Fleeger Focusing On Gulf Coast Oil Exploration

Matthew Fleeger’s oil improvement venture is taking the industry by storm. The current president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC is focused on acquiring and developing oil reserves in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S.

Fleeger fully understands the risk/reward of his current venture. It is his goal to help secure Gulf Coast Western’s bottom line while mitigating as much risk as possible for his partners. Not only does Fleeger value the strong relationships he has built with his accredited partners, he also directly attributes his company’s success to the mutual trust and honest built over the last ten years.

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned business that started in Dallas, TX, 1970. The company grew over the years and now has operations all over the Gulf Coast. Through the acquisition of Lafayette-based Orbit Energy Partners, Gulf Coast Western retained the rights to over a dozen oil wells and 140 drilling locations. The wells operating under the Gulf Coast Western flag stand to produce more than 800 barrels of oil daily.

Gulf Coast’s recent acquisitions also gave the company access to proprietary equipment and technology that further enhances oil production.

As the company continues to focus on research, thousands of oil-rich acres are currently being explored and expanded. Fleeger says that over 70 percent of the Gulf Coast’s partners have participated in at least one joint venture.

Fleeger, highly-regarded as one of the most knowledgeable CEO’s in the industry, is also a member of the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Over the years, Fleeger has received high praise for his work in waste disposal, strategic planning, and contract negotiations. He is also owner of Mystic Tan, one of the largest spray-tanning company’s in the world.

Fleeger graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

Academy of Art University Finds Link Between Art and Athletics

Not many people would think that there are any connections between athletics and arts; after all, there are an extensive amount of movies and TV shows that have portrayed them as complete opposites. However, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has found that both pursuits have a surprising amount in common. Chief among these is that, while doing so differently, both pursuits help to build and foster many of the same characteristics. On top of this, the Academy of Art University has suggested that the same attributes are what drive people to these activities in the first place.

Some of the most notable of these include the likes of ambition. While this is shown in different ways for both artists and athletes, the Academy of Art University has noted that both pursuits help foster this ambition. For athletes, this is on the show with their desire to win a match and to improve every season. With artists, this is also on show with the desire to learn and hone their craft over time. Time management skills are also one of the most significant things that these pursuits have in common. Athletes have to schedule the likes of games, practice, training, and exercise, while also focusing on the daily tasks and responsibilities that they have.

Artists, on the other hand, also have to practice, as well as learn the many different styles and techniques of their craft. This is alongside the other daily responsibilities that they have. As a result, the Academy of Art University has noted that this allows both to develop strong time management skills that will last well into the future. Furthermore, the college has also noted that this will also help them to develop sound organizational skills at the same time.

The Academy of Art University offers a hands-on approach for all of its students. This allows them to not only get the knowledge they need to succeed but also a practical foundation from which to base their career. As a result, this approach allows them to develop their own individual styles, as well as to blend talent, technical skills, and creative aspirations to help launch their careers.

Boraie Development Continues To Engage In Exciting Development Work Across New Jersey:

Boraie Development is one of the state of New Jersey’s most respected and forward-thinking real estate development firms. The company places a large percentage of its focus on the area of urban real estate development. Boraie Development has been quite busy in a number of New Jersey cities as of late. Some of the biggest projects the company has been working on are taking place in Newark and New Brunswick.

New Brunswick, New Jersey has just recently been able to celebrate the opening of the Boraie Development project known as The Aspire. This luxury residential development has great access to Manhattan and Philadelphia due to its location near the train station in New Brunswick. There is also outstanding shopping and dining in this area of New Brunswick. The team at Boraie Development area also proud to offer a facility with a rooftop patio and an exercise facility as well as doorman services that operate 24 hours a day.

Newark has a lot to celebrate due to Boraie Development as well. Sports legend Shaquille O’Neal has teamed up with Boraie in the development of a new high-rise building. The city of Newark has not had a building like this put up in over fifty years.


Gino Pozzo, who owns Watford club has been a great achiever in improving the level of performance in any club he got an opportunity to coach. This has made him a great legend ever spoken about in Europe sports to date.He was brought up with a great passion in a good environment for football. All these have been created through his mother’s good relationship with the football president then. When he attained the age of 18, he went to US for masters studies in Harvard and later relocated to Barcelona immediately he got married. When the 20 years were over, he migrated to London.

The love of football seemed to be dominant in Pozzo’s family as in that they loved investing in football clubs and made huge returns. In fact it appeared to be genetic. They just began the long journey as carpenters followed by investment in electrical energy sector and later majored in football club investment at the expense of woodwork.

Gino testifies of their love for football and refers to his father as the genesis of their strong passion and love for football. That make him the best focused football owner in Europe. He applies great tactics by involving the local society in driving the club forward. Indeed, since he owned the club, there is great achievement.

He has also tirelessly worked hard to expand the family’s club by acquiring the bankrupt clubs at all cost. He also involved in the club’s sanctions and activities pertaining its expansion. The purchasing of Watford happened in 2012 and immediately an improvement was witnessed. Gino even decided to relocate to London just to ensure good management of the club.

The club has made great steps ahead of others in terms of prestige and performance. This increased the number of football clubs owned by the family to three. To date, Watford is still maintaining its threats to the competing clubs.


To conclude, Watford is a club to be always proud of as a fan because of its promising and visionary leadership. You should join the tans.

Heather Parry’s role in A Star Is Born Documentary

Heather Parry is the President of Live Nation Productions which she launched in 2015. She facilitated in the production of one of the greatest films in history known as A Star Is Born. Knowing that Bradley Cooper was going to direct the movie, she called his agent, Dave Bugliari. Dave was hesitant about the offer that Parry wanted to give them but later accepted it. Heather said she was going to help in marketing it through attending concerts and festivals in the country.

Heather Parry

Upon attending dinner at Bill Gerber’s resident, she held meetings with him about their marketing platform. The production company has shown passion in the industry since working with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Lady Gaga, French Montana, and many more. She plans on doing a TV series project that tells stories of musician moms. Due to her creativity and aim to do great things, Heather Parry demands attention from her clients. Heather Parry believes that life is not fun without taking risks and that’s why he ventured into the scripted film business.

Before co-founding Live Nation Productions, she was an employee at MTV. She started as a presenter in the News department at the age of 22 to being a West Bureau Chief. She produced ’Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which starred 50 Cent among other projects. After indulging in film development and production in the company, she received the ’Twilight’ but MTV did not see its potential of bringing millions to the franchise. She left for Sandler’s Happy Madison in 2005 where she was super active in production of music-related films.

Heather Parry’s experience assists Live Nation in owning music festivals in collaboration with their sponsors and marketing teams. Heather says that these projects are all about the artists. A Star Is Born is expected to cost approximately five million dollars to show the artists behind the music. Parry says that picking of a distribution partner is different in all projects that are done since they consider several factors.

Louis Chenevert in the Leadership Arena

Louis R. Chênevert is the current Chairman and also the Chief Executive Officer of the company by the name United Technologies Corporation. The election that made him rise to the position of the president was held in April 2008. The position of the chairmanship then came in the year 2010. He has held the position of the president of the company since 2006. The main thing that made him handle the matters of leadership at the United Technologies Corporation with ease is the experience that he had gained earlier while he was serving as President at Pratt & Whitney. Before even working at the company of Pratt & Whitney, Louis R. Chênevert used to serve in a company by the name General Motors where he served for almost 14 years.

Louis R. Chênevert as the chairman of the United Technologies Corporation has achieved a lot, and he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in the organization. He has produced many goals and through the measures that he has set in position with his team of management has made the firm propelled to the higher point in the market. Additionally, Chênevert is also serving in the post of the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable. The primary areas that he chairs are the factors and the matters dealing with Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. The commitment that he has and great skills have made him serve in various areas such as Board of Directors for Cargill. Most of the organizations that he has worked with him have lauded his efforts and skills in the arena of management and planning. The secret that he has put ahead in the leadership arena is the dedication and excellent planning of the goals before setting anything else in position.

Chênevert has a degree in the field of commerce specifically in the field of production management. This is also another factor that has boosted his skills in the management segment. He pursued his education from the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales. Chênevert has proved that he is one of the pragmatic managers in the arena of business.

Clayton Huston Career Overview

Clayton Huston is an entrepreneur involved in the music industry as an event Production Manager, Sound Manager, and a tour producer. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, Clayton pursued theatre design and worked for specific companies which gained his experience in the entertainment production industry. His passion in the entertainment sector has enabled him to work with topmost musicians such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns ‘N’ Roses.

About Clayton Huston Music Career

Clayton established a Music Production and Management Company during his time in the entertainment industry after acquiring adequate experience in the general field from tour production and live shows. His typical daily routine begins at 6:30 AM and goes through the day’s program which provides the schedule of the day and later develops a plan for the crew. Clayton also continuously extends more lists during and after the show for a successful event of the day.

With his career of stage lighting, design and sound organization, the idea for a productive day is his experience and knowledge which generates a vision of what works and what will lead to failure. The idea escalates his career through his thorough working habit which keeps him ready before the crew arrives on the set. More so, Clayton Huston likes multiple checking his work and products to guarantee the quality of his services to his clients and workmates.

Advancement and the current trend of technology have also made his operations efficient making his work reliable such as when working with a client. The cooperation of musicians such as Lady Gaga and Pink in accepting to use technology in the industry has again propelled his career further. For instance, his iPhone enables him to manage his work even while at home and Dropbox also assists in sharing files to his clients and staff as well.

Clayton Huston Inspirations

Other than mentors, Clayton Huston writes quotes and motivations which he refers when in need of guidance in the music production industry. He also receives inspirations from Vince Lombardi, Thomas Jefferson, and W.C Fields and even a book by Richard Carlson: Don’t Sweat the Small Staff…and It’s All Small, which offers advice for entrepreneurs to focus on what matters in your career.

Turn Back the Clock with Jeunesse Global Hair Products

Jeunesse Global is known as a Global provider of health and beauty products geared to bring out our younger self. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that? The company’s focus on providing a full range of health products has resulted vitamins, health drinks, supplements, and home beauty products, all designed to make you look and feel younger and live a longer and healthier life.


One line of products, in particular, specializes in providing positive benefits to your hair. The RVL line of hair products is designed to help stimulate and enrich the hair of both women and men. These products include a shampoo, a scalp infusion treatment, and a leave-in conditioner. Applied together by following the company’s recommended steps, these products bring out the full and rich beauty of your hair. Here is a look at their recommended procedure for using these products:


  1. Whether in a shower, tub, or over your sink, wash your hair using a generous amount of their shampoo. Massage the liquid throughout your hair and into your scalp. Let the shampoo lather and do its work, and then rinse and towel dry.


  1. Activate your hair and scalp with the RVL scalp infusion treatment. Simply remove the cap and twist to unlock the syringe. Then, part your hair and apply the treatment inside the parts, massaging it into your scalp as you go. Repeat the process using multiple hair parts for effective distribution across your hairline.


  1. Once you are finished with the scalp treatments, the last step uses the RVL multi-perfecting leave-in conditioner. Apply the conditioner and let it set and hydrate your hair. Simply spray the conditioner evenly throughout wet or dry hair. After applying, you can also blow dry your hair as usual.


These RVL products are designed to help rejuvenate and enrich your hair to have you feeling more beautiful and confident. Just as it is with their hair products, Jeunesse Global provides other products to help repair and rejuvenate your skin and keep the internal parts of you functioning best with their range of vitamins and supplements for full, well-rounded health.

The Insights of Tech Expert Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a highly respected man at ATS Digital Services for being the Co-founder as well as CEO of the company. He established ATS Digital services in 2011 after departing from iS3. Mr. Deignan had worked for iS3 for almost a decade, holding the Executive Vice President position at the organization. Robert has been gaining the skills and experience in the business and tech world. Additionally, he has a great educational background that serves as an added advantage. Mr. Deignan graduated in 1995 from Purdue University, where he was taking a Business Management course. Therefore, Robert had a clear understanding of the business sector before venturing into the field.

ATS Digital Services is a company that assists clients with different tech problems. Robert and his team have managed to design modernly advanced troubleshooting capabilities to serve their customers well. Everyone in the world has to use technology at some point in their lives. Some use a huge portion of their time working with their phones or computers. Long exposure to these devices can be bad. Mr. Deignan has offered a few tips to deal with the negative effects of using technology for long periods. He suggested that taking control of the relationship with technology is the first key step. Technology should not dictate anyone’s life. The reasons to be in charge are because technology is addictive and it also changes the way people think.

Robert also provided his insight on the few technology trends around the world. The top of the list is voice recognition, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, digitization of almost everything and lighting fast networks. Robert stated that artificial intelligence has advanced especially the aspect of infrastructure. Apart from artificial intelligence, all the other trends are undergoing major developments. A lot of tech companies are pooling their funds to invest in the trends. Mr. Deignan is an expert in the tech industry and he stated that technology is advancing at a rapid rate.