Why Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a Great Medical Choice for You

There are a whole lot of people right now who are making use of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and finding him to be one of the top ER doctors around. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel currently works in the Tallahassee Medical Facility in Florida. He has been working here for several years and continues to provide good and quality medical services to those who are going to him for help. Once you have made the choice to go to the ER, you will find that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has the compassion that you need to feel good when you are receiving this type of care from him.

With Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, you’re able to easily and quickly get the care that you need when it is required. Because of the large amount of work that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has done for his patients, it is no surprise that so many people seek him out for help when it is needed. You can also learn more about Dr. Eric Forsthoefel by visiting his social media accounts and his website. He has been working as an emergency room doctor for a very long time and continues to improve upon his skills and education by going for continuing education throughout the year.

There are a lot of people who currently seek out Dr. Eric Forsthoefel because of the amount of work he is able to do for them. You will find that seeing a professional who you can trust is easy and quick when looking for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been in the field and has been working with lots of different patients who are seeking him out for the type of work that he has done. Now is the right time for you to make use of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and see for yourself why he is considered to be one of the best doctors in Florida. For anyone who is afraid to go to the ER, you’re going to want to make use of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and see for yourself how calm and compassionate he is for those who are in need of help.


Betsy DeVos On Topic Article

Have you seen Betsy DeVos in the news lately? There has never been a more polarizing figure in American politics. However, if you follow education reform, then you know she had her work cut out for her from the very beginning. However, DeVos has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and she has been working within education reform for many years now. In fact, she was inspired to do so because of her mother, who was a public school teacher.


DeVos has met challenges along the way. It’s no secret that education reform is difficult to talk about. There are so many different ways to approach the education system in America. However, DeVos believes that educational choice is the right way for Americans go to school. Some agree, and others have pointed out the flaws in that type of thinking.


For one, people don’t agree with public funding for educational choice, because it could lead to supporting for-profit education systems with taxpayer money. However, the truth is that philanthropy has long supported educational choice programs, not public funding. In fact, some of the major donors to the cause include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Walton. These philanthropists have gotten behind the idea that students should be allowed to choose where they go to school, which is what DeVos believes is the whole point.


Education should be about the students, she recently stated in an interview with “60 Minutes.” Leslie Stahl had some tough questions for the US Education Secretary, asking whether she thought that any of the new programs were as successful or more successful than those in the past. For example, he questioned her about standardized testing.


For years, educators have said that standardized testing only teaches memorization and not comprehension. There are other issues with the education system, including Common Core method teaching. Betsy DeVos is not a fan. She believes that parents and students should have the option to pick where they want to go to school, and that doesn’t always mean a for-profit school either. There are magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools that can be selected under educational choice.


The whole idea is that students don’t necessarily have to go to the school that they are zoned for. Is it a temporary solution to a much larger problem with public school education? DeVos is unsure. She has seen great success with the new program in certain states, however. For example, Florida has the most educational choice options in the entire country with a tuition-based scholarship program that is helping students go to the schools of their dreams.


There are other states that are also building their educational options, including Louisiana. However, DeVos shies away from questions about the effectiveness of charter schools in Michigan. For many years, she tried to get a bill passed called “Kids First! Coalition” that was voted down each time. The bill would have supported charter schools and educational choice options in Michigan as well.


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Doe Deere’s Makeup Company Took Off

Doe Deere hasn’t always been a makeup mogul. In fact, she was a blog mogul before she decided to start selling makeup. Doe Deere made a point of making sure she showed her fans different things they could do. She also tried helping people understand all the options they had. For Doe Deere, the point of helping is giving back and making sure everyone knows they can do more. She also likes to show people how everything will change once they start wearing looks they really love. As long as Doe Deere knows what she can do, she feels good about the things going on around her.


For years, Doe Deere felt like she could make a difference for people. She showed off looks on her blog so people would see how to make the makeup choices they wanted. She even used toxic makeup because it was the only option she had. For Doe Deere, the point of making looks was feeling good about herself. It wasn’t about trying to impress anyone or do anything that would change who she was. She just wants others to feel they can be confident in their own skin too without the problems she faced.


When Doe Deere started designing makeup, she had two major goals in mind. The first was creating looks that were bold. The second goal was creating makeup that was high-quality. Both of these combined was something people couldn’t find anywhere else. Doe Deere made sure she did everything right no matter what so people could enjoy themselves. She also wanted them to understand they could get more from everything she created. Her looks were different from other makeup companies. They were also something people could feel good about wearing no matter what they were doing since the makeup is made of high-quality materials.


Now that Doe Deere’s expanding to different areas, she sees all the different options she has available to her. These options range from how the makeup is made to how it gets its colors. For Doe Deere, the point of doing this is making sure people understand how much they can do with makeup. It doesn’t have to be the way most other makeup companies use it. Everyone has a chance to choose which makeup they want instead of worrying about the rest of the things people might choose. Doe Deere makes a point of showing people they can do more.


As long as Doe Deere knows what she does with makeup, people see the positive parts that come with her opportunities. They also see there are other things they can do that make sense for Doe Deere. Now that Doe Deere knows how to use makeup and knows what people are always looking for, she’s confident in the skills she has. She also shows everyone they can do their best no matter what they like to wear. Doe Deere projects confidence with everything she does in every way possible with her Lime Crime brand of makeup. Learn more: http://www.womendailymagazine.com/doe-deere-entrepreneur-inspires-us/

Scott Rocklage Innovative and Initiating

Scott Rocklage has been a significant contributor in the healthcare industry for over three decades. In addition to bringing several medications to drug trial, he helped lead the way towards FDA approval of Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan. He is also said to be an inventor and holds several US patents.


Academically, Scott Rocklage holds a B.S. degree and PhD degree in Chemistry. Since 2003, Dr. Rocklage has been with the company 5AM Ventures and a managing partner starting in 2004.


Dr. Rocklage describes his day as atypical, and his role as developmental in that he meets with scientists who are by nature entrepreneurial and want to shape a medical idea to fit the marketplace. He describes the company name, 5AM Ventures, to depict the dynamic of research and ideas being addressed at their beginning phase, or dawn. One such example is in the area of Expansion Therapeutics.


The company, 5AM Ventures, along with other industry participants, have contributed up to $55 million towards research in what are known as RNA-triggered conditions or illnesses. One such example is DM1 also called Myotonic Dystrophy type I. This is believed to be the primary cause of adult muscular dystrophy. The main symptom is when DNA converts to RNA molecules, and the levels become too high or numerous inside cells that they become toxic. At this point body systems such as the heart and gastrointestinal system show signs of breaking down.


At present there is no permanent cure for this, but the laboratory of Matthew Disney has developed what are termed small molecule medications. These lessen or minimize the amount of damage excessive RNA build-up can ultimately lead to. Dr. Rocklage and others involved with this area of research and Expansion Therapeutics are hopeful that real progress can continue to be made and realized in the months ahead.


Dr. Rocklage has previously served as CEO and chair with medical companies to include Novira, which was acquired by Johnson and Johnson, Salutar and Catalytica.


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