Boraie Development Continues To Engage In Exciting Development Work Across New Jersey:

Boraie Development is one of the state of New Jersey’s most respected and forward-thinking real estate development firms. The company places a large percentage of its focus on the area of urban real estate development. Boraie Development has been quite busy in a number of New Jersey cities as of late. Some of the biggest projects the company has been working on are taking place in Newark and New Brunswick.

New Brunswick, New Jersey has just recently been able to celebrate the opening of the Boraie Development project known as The Aspire. This luxury residential development has great access to Manhattan and Philadelphia due to its location near the train station in New Brunswick. There is also outstanding shopping and dining in this area of New Brunswick. The team at Boraie Development area also proud to offer a facility with a rooftop patio and an exercise facility as well as doorman services that operate 24 hours a day.

Newark has a lot to celebrate due to Boraie Development as well. Sports legend Shaquille O’Neal has teamed up with Boraie in the development of a new high-rise building. The city of Newark has not had a building like this put up in over fifty years.


Gino Pozzo, who owns Watford club has been a great achiever in improving the level of performance in any club he got an opportunity to coach. This has made him a great legend ever spoken about in Europe sports to date.He was brought up with a great passion in a good environment for football. All these have been created through his mother’s good relationship with the football president then. When he attained the age of 18, he went to US for masters studies in Harvard and later relocated to Barcelona immediately he got married. When the 20 years were over, he migrated to London.

The love of football seemed to be dominant in Pozzo’s family as in that they loved investing in football clubs and made huge returns. In fact it appeared to be genetic. They just began the long journey as carpenters followed by investment in electrical energy sector and later majored in football club investment at the expense of woodwork.

Gino testifies of their love for football and refers to his father as the genesis of their strong passion and love for football. That make him the best focused football owner in Europe. He applies great tactics by involving the local society in driving the club forward. Indeed, since he owned the club, there is great achievement.

He has also tirelessly worked hard to expand the family’s club by acquiring the bankrupt clubs at all cost. He also involved in the club’s sanctions and activities pertaining its expansion. The purchasing of Watford happened in 2012 and immediately an improvement was witnessed. Gino even decided to relocate to London just to ensure good management of the club.

The club has made great steps ahead of others in terms of prestige and performance. This increased the number of football clubs owned by the family to three. To date, Watford is still maintaining its threats to the competing clubs.


To conclude, Watford is a club to be always proud of as a fan because of its promising and visionary leadership. You should join the tans.