Academy of Art University Finds Link Between Art and Athletics

Not many people would think that there are any connections between athletics and arts; after all, there are an extensive amount of movies and TV shows that have portrayed them as complete opposites. However, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has found that both pursuits have a surprising amount in common. Chief among these is that, while doing so differently, both pursuits help to build and foster many of the same characteristics. On top of this, the Academy of Art University has suggested that the same attributes are what drive people to these activities in the first place.

Some of the most notable of these include the likes of ambition. While this is shown in different ways for both artists and athletes, the Academy of Art University has noted that both pursuits help foster this ambition. For athletes, this is on the show with their desire to win a match and to improve every season. With artists, this is also on show with the desire to learn and hone their craft over time. Time management skills are also one of the most significant things that these pursuits have in common. Athletes have to schedule the likes of games, practice, training, and exercise, while also focusing on the daily tasks and responsibilities that they have.

Artists, on the other hand, also have to practice, as well as learn the many different styles and techniques of their craft. This is alongside the other daily responsibilities that they have. As a result, the Academy of Art University has noted that this allows both to develop strong time management skills that will last well into the future. Furthermore, the college has also noted that this will also help them to develop sound organizational skills at the same time.

The Academy of Art University offers a hands-on approach for all of its students. This allows them to not only get the knowledge they need to succeed but also a practical foundation from which to base their career. As a result, this approach allows them to develop their own individual styles, as well as to blend talent, technical skills, and creative aspirations to help launch their careers.