Learn How To Make Compliance Meaningful With Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali has built an excellent reputation since he began working in the field of Administrative Law, Parliamentary Law, and State Law. He has a lot of legal experience as he started working with various law firms in 2006.

He currently oversees his agency, the FAGALI Advocacy, where he practices as an independent Business Law expert. Mr. Bruno Fagali also works for Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager as well as S2 Consulting associate as legal adviser. Bruno holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Specialization in Administrative Law from the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil. Later on, Bruno enrolled for his MA in State Law in the University of São Paulo.

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Bruno Fagali believes that fulfilling an obligation is not enough for labeling an entity compliant. Bruno was referring to the arguments of Renato Almeida dos Santo when he talked about corporate governance and compliance, and his focus is on the recent widespread scandals in organizations. He says that scandals arise when companies treat their legislative requirements as mere obligations. According to Bruno, people lose the essence of the subject when they put much of their focus on the compliance checklist.

Companies often don’t consider the spirit of compliance when they rush to meet the Anti-Corruption Law requirements, which are predetermined. A change of culture must be permanent for it to be meaningful, and it should not be viewed as a bureaucratic issue. The compliance topic may soon be replaced by other guidelines, which will prompt companies to create ongoing monitoring strategies to enhance their Corporate Integrity Program. Moreover, there will also be a need to develop mechanisms for identifying weak points and design mechanisms to improve and update them.

Bruno Fagali argues that companies need to free themselves from malice and integrate the Integrity Programs to their routines to maximize their success. That will allow departments such as the accounting, legal, internal audits, and human resources to connect with each other seamlessly. Finally, Bruno underscores the importance of irregularity prevention strategies, elaborating the company’s policies, and observing the code of ethics and conduct.

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Bruno Fagali Outstanding Legal Expertise

Bruno Fagali, a specialist direct and corporate respectability master, is known for his commitments to clean the Brazilian open contracts, considering the outrages behind the questionable contracts, by driving honesty crusade and straightforwardness drive.

Bruno Fagali is the organizer and accomplice of his own Law firm called FAGALI support and furthermore acts as the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova/sb, a main Brazilian promotion office. With practically of a time of involvement in giving superb lawful arrangements particularly in the corporate segment, Bruno Fagali comprehends what is should have been put as check for the cleanup battle.

Bruno Fagali is exceedingly experienced in Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali knows the significance of his meeting with nova/sb and has conveyed numerous activities to drive honesty inside the ad firm. As a pioneer in the promotion business, the organization gets countless contracts which are specifically sourced from the different government divisions.

Because of the broad open outrage detailed against the defilement in different government divisions, the administration is centered around actualizing a straightforwardness drive that can bring back the lost confidence of the residents. As an ad office who pioneers and executes new activities, nova/sb needed a conferred drive for trustworthiness inside the association and named Bruno Fagali for the occupation.

As the Corporate Integrity Chief of the publicizing firm, he actualized a Corporate Integrity Program in both Brasilia and Sao Paulo workplaces. Because of the broad open outrage detailed against the defilement in different government divisions, the administration is centered around actualizing a straightforwardness drive that can bring back the lost confidence of the residents.

Bruno Fagali additionally shaped a representative morals board and surrounded another approach of treating workers and individuals alike. He is designated with the firm for three years and can’t make him let go before that; this obviously gives him a definitive hand and encourages him to take fair choices.

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