How The Group End Citizens United Is Working To Change The United States

Our forefathers wrote the constitution with the intent of preventing corruption and bribery in politics. Citizens United was the 2010 Supreme Court decision that gave way to unlimited donations to political campaigns from corporations and labor unions. For many candidates who are running for office, this was a good thing. After all, where their campaigns were lacking funds, corporations and unions are now legally allowed to make up for it through uncapped and endless donations.

It is no accident that this court decision is titled something seemingly innocent, like Citizens United. Lawmakers knew that when individuals heard the words “Citizens United,” no one would question it because, of course, everyone wants citizens to be united. When people hear the phrase “Citizens United,” most are not attributing that to money in politics. Corporations, politicians, and unions were betting on the unwillingness of the American people to do their homework when it came down to this Supreme Court decision. Sadly, they won their bet. The average American citizen is blissfully unaware of what Citizens United is or what that means for our country.

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Citizens United means legal bribery, money in politics, and corruption within our government. It means that if a company donates enough money to a politician’s campaign, that that politician is likely to vote in favor of that company because they want to pay back that favor. If a company wants to dump toxic waste in the river near your home and there is a bill up for a vote to prevent it, the vote will depend on whether politicians received campaign donations from that company.

While this Supreme Court decision has come at a great cost to the public and our Democracy, End Citizens United is a Democratic organization working to end this corruption and legal bribery. End Citizens United has been working hard to hold elected officials accountable for their actions and, by holding their feet to the fire, many candidates and current politicians have publicly announced that they will no longer be accepting donations from corporations and labor unions.

Our Democracy is far from perfect, and with legalized bribery and corruption it is even farther from it. With helpers like End Citizens United, however, we will be able to turn our country into the well-oiled, corruption-free, Democratic Republic that our forefathers intended it to be.