Controlling Contraband Cellphones In Prisons Is A Reality Thanks To The Securus Wireless Containment System

It’s true. People behind bars still commit crimes. That may sound like a crazy statement given the fact prisoners are alone for most hours in a day. But life in prison is not just punishment for crimes against society, it’s an environment that breeds criminal ingenuity and law-breaking techniques. Illegal practices fly under the prison radar thanks to one of society’s most influential technologies, the cellphone. That’s right. If you ever watched “Orange is the New Black” or any movie about prison life, you know an illegal cellphone is a weapon of mass destruction in prisons. Prisoners are able to continue their illegal activities behind bars when they have a hidden cellphone. In fact, prison officials say smuggling cellphones into prisons cause more damage than the drugs that slip into prisons in a plethora of ingenious ways.

Finding hidden cellphone is a daunting task. Prison guards search high and low for any signs of cellphones, but prisoners have a way of concealing their prized possessions. An illegal cellphone tops the list of valuable prisoner assets in a correction facility. Some prisoners want other essential needs while they are behind bars, but gang members and the lifelong criminals only want a cellphone, so they can continue to break laws and hurt the public. Most people don’t realize how important cellphones are in prison until they hear stories about prison officials becoming targets because they try to stop cellphone use. One prison official in Florida knows the danger of finding illegal cellphones. He was the victim of a targeted-shooting for doing his job. The person who shot the official got the job from a prisoner using a contraband cellphone.

Stories like that one are in the news almost daily. Prison officials are at risk every day, according to a Securus Technologies executive. Securus Technologies is the company that provides products and service to prisons nationwide. Securus is always developing new systems that help prison officials maintain order in the chaotic incarceration world. The new Securus Wireless Containment System that stops illegal cellphone use is the first of its kind. The system is already in place in prisons across the country. Plus, the five-star feedback is giving people hope that prisoners will not be able to cause bodily harm or break more laws while they sit behind bars talking on a cellphone.

The Securus Wireless Containment System not only blocks illegal calls, it can detect the location of the phones when they are in use. That’s a big deal, and an important technological advancement, according to sheriff departments around the country. Stopping cellphone calls before they create more havoc is just one way Securus Technologies protects the public. The innovative systems that Securus offers correction facilities are important crime deterrents behind prison walls as well as outside of those walls.