Enhanced Athlete Protecting its Industry

The company of Enhanced Athlete is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming is focused on providing bodybuilding products  and fitness. The company is one of the most active opponents of shakedown lawsuits and coercion the of other companies to pay fees in order to avoid legal attacks.


Last year, the Enhanced Athlete became a victim of a business in the area called Nutrioton Dostibution LLC. The company has filed over 70 lawsuits against a variety of businesses in the the same industry. The Nutrition Distribution LLC has also coerced much more into paying settlements in charge of not being sued. The company has been systematically accusing competitors of false advertising that has harmed the sales of the self-proclaimed leader of the industry. The Enhanced Athlete has been fighting against that to make the industry safer for companies working in it and their clients as well.


In 2017, the Enhanced Athlete managed to convince a judge of the Eastern District of California to deny the injunction by the Nutrition Distributor LLC. That was a win for the entire fitness and bodybuilding industry.


The Enhanced Athlete company claimed that the Nutrio Distribution LLC has never been able to show proof of its accusation which continued to the decision of the judge. Even though the latter moved ahead with their preliminary junction, it was soon denied as they failed to provide proof for suffering lost sales because of Enhanced Athlete or any other company in the industry it had previously accused.


The leader of the Enhanced Athlete s Chief Executive Officer Scott Cavell. He has been with the company for a handful of years and seen it through many of its stages of development in its line of work. H stated that the Enhance Athlete would fight against the injustice of such companies and victimization of competitors. CEO Scott Cavell also added that the lawsuit shakedown is not the right business model for any company and as long Nutrition DIstribution LLC continues to work by it the industry will no be safe for other companies.


The Enhanced Athlete worked with the attorney Mr. Michael Adams who has been serving at the law firm of Rutan and Ticker LLC. Mr. Michael Adamsconfimered that the Court did not find the allegations made by the Nutrition Distribution LLC about any lost sales.


Th company of the Enhanced Athlete Inc was started up in 2015. The company is a retailer of products for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. On the website of the taler, costumers can find products such as products , powders, foods, as well as clothing, small gear and more.


In addition to that, the company is also a provider of coaching for their clients. The company provides its clients with several programs they can choose from and select the one that suits them the most. Those programs include a personalized pan, custom workouts, diet and meal prep. Clients can also pick up a pack such as the Starter Pack, the Summer Shred, and many others. All of them include several of the individual programs.