Scott Rocklage Innovative and Initiating

Scott Rocklage has been a significant contributor in the healthcare industry for over three decades. In addition to bringing several medications to drug trial, he helped lead the way towards FDA approval of Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan. He is also said to be an inventor and holds several US patents.


Academically, Scott Rocklage holds a B.S. degree and PhD degree in Chemistry. Since 2003, Dr. Rocklage has been with the company 5AM Ventures and a managing partner starting in 2004.


Dr. Rocklage describes his day as atypical, and his role as developmental in that he meets with scientists who are by nature entrepreneurial and want to shape a medical idea to fit the marketplace. He describes the company name, 5AM Ventures, to depict the dynamic of research and ideas being addressed at their beginning phase, or dawn. One such example is in the area of Expansion Therapeutics.


The company, 5AM Ventures, along with other industry participants, have contributed up to $55 million towards research in what are known as RNA-triggered conditions or illnesses. One such example is DM1 also called Myotonic Dystrophy type I. This is believed to be the primary cause of adult muscular dystrophy. The main symptom is when DNA converts to RNA molecules, and the levels become too high or numerous inside cells that they become toxic. At this point body systems such as the heart and gastrointestinal system show signs of breaking down.


At present there is no permanent cure for this, but the laboratory of Matthew Disney has developed what are termed small molecule medications. These lessen or minimize the amount of damage excessive RNA build-up can ultimately lead to. Dr. Rocklage and others involved with this area of research and Expansion Therapeutics are hopeful that real progress can continue to be made and realized in the months ahead.


Dr. Rocklage has previously served as CEO and chair with medical companies to include Novira, which was acquired by Johnson and Johnson, Salutar and Catalytica.


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How The Group End Citizens United Is Working To Change The United States

Our forefathers wrote the constitution with the intent of preventing corruption and bribery in politics. Citizens United was the 2010 Supreme Court decision that gave way to unlimited donations to political campaigns from corporations and labor unions. For many candidates who are running for office, this was a good thing. After all, where their campaigns were lacking funds, corporations and unions are now legally allowed to make up for it through uncapped and endless donations.

It is no accident that this court decision is titled something seemingly innocent, like Citizens United. Lawmakers knew that when individuals heard the words “Citizens United,” no one would question it because, of course, everyone wants citizens to be united. When people hear the phrase “Citizens United,” most are not attributing that to money in politics. Corporations, politicians, and unions were betting on the unwillingness of the American people to do their homework when it came down to this Supreme Court decision. Sadly, they won their bet. The average American citizen is blissfully unaware of what Citizens United is or what that means for our country.

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Citizens United means legal bribery, money in politics, and corruption within our government. It means that if a company donates enough money to a politician’s campaign, that that politician is likely to vote in favor of that company because they want to pay back that favor. If a company wants to dump toxic waste in the river near your home and there is a bill up for a vote to prevent it, the vote will depend on whether politicians received campaign donations from that company.

While this Supreme Court decision has come at a great cost to the public and our Democracy, End Citizens United is a Democratic organization working to end this corruption and legal bribery. End Citizens United has been working hard to hold elected officials accountable for their actions and, by holding their feet to the fire, many candidates and current politicians have publicly announced that they will no longer be accepting donations from corporations and labor unions.

Our Democracy is far from perfect, and with legalized bribery and corruption it is even farther from it. With helpers like End Citizens United, however, we will be able to turn our country into the well-oiled, corruption-free, Democratic Republic that our forefathers intended it to be.


How The Trabuco Changed Siege Warfare In The Middle Ages

The Trabuco was considered the ultimate war machine during the Middle Ages. It could hurl massive stones which could bring down ramparts and kill anyone standing on or even near them. It was much better than what had come before as it could deliver a much bigger payload from a farther distance away. As such it was the biggest leap forward in war technology during this era.

The Trabuco, like other catapults, uses stored energy to deliver its payload. Workers would pull down the arm, fill the basket with projectiles, and then when the arm was released a counterweight would violently cause the side with the basket to shoot up and fling its payload of stone or other projectiles. This counterweight made the Trabuco different from the catapults that came before it and gave it an incredible firing range.


Because of the Trabuco, moats became irrelevant. Trabuco’s could stay well out of the range of regular catapults as well as enemy arrows. They basically changed how castles were built as the current castle walls at the time presented no challenge for a Trabuco according to Castles had to be built with much thicker walls which could better withstand what this weapon could deliver.

Army’s across Europe began to use the Trabuco and it became the gold standard of sieging a town or castle. Not only was it extremely powerful but it was also relatively easy to build, maintain, and operate. This weapon took a crew of about 80 people to operate who were organized into teams. It was actually first created in China and made its way to Europe later on. The Wu Jing Dynasty there had measured the reach of their Trabuco’s and recorded that it could fling a 140-pound rock up to 260 feet according to It could also fire up to five shots per minute because of how the teams coordinated their activities.

The Trabuco was used up until the eleventh century which is when it was finally retired. Even more refined war machines had been built and before long soldiers were using cannons which used gunpowder. It was gunpowder which finally ended the castle era.

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The Chainsmokers Says Everybody Hates Me because I Am a Sick Boy

The Chainsmokers new music is truly a reflection of the world around them. This group changed up its musical style and this new sound has catapulted them into a different direction. The Chainsmokers used to make snappy upbeat music. Now, their music is more sinister in terms of its lyrical content and message.

The Chainsmokers music is a departure from their previous sound which was about love and having a good time. Sick Boy is a departure from this past sound because it touches off on a different mentality that is present in modern society. The song is about people’s need for social media to communicate in modern times. This song is also about the other modern issues that are impacting people’s lives today. With society being so up in the air and modern life being so unpredictable; Sick Boy is a perfect song for this day and age.

The song might not get a lot airplay, but it has garnered over 140 million views. This song has amassed more views than their hit song Paris which was frequently played on the radio for many months. Sick Boy is the perfect song to highlight this generation of millennials. Alex Pall said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that he and Andrew Taggart had to do something different at this point in their career. Sick Boy was the first single for their new era of music.

The duo also released two other songs that fits into this new darker side of the Chainsmokers. The name of these songs is You Owe Me and Everybody Hates Me. You Owe Me has a video that starts off boring and bland but ends up being a real nightmare. Everybody Hates Me is another tune that follows in the vein of Sick Boy. That song was released in March.

Sick Boy had a good run for nearly four months. Hundreds of millions of people know about it and it continues to attract more people every day. Alex Pall wants his fans to know that even though the group is taking on more of a darker sound; he and his partner (Alex Taggart) are going to make the best music possible for them. So far, his fans are into this new sound and they truly like the direction that the group is taking. The Chainsmokers do not have to worry about Everybody Hates Me even though they are a Sick Boy because they still make high quality music.


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Betsy DeVos and Powerful Focus

Arguing with Betsy DeVos is something that probably should require a lot of guts. DeVos, after all, is one of the most gutsy individuals in politics nowadays. She’s one of the gutsiest public figures around in general. She’s often seen right next to President Donald Trump. President Trump is associated with his bold and oftentimes assertive actions. DeVos, on the other hand, is associated with her rather collected and serene temperament. Although she’s the definition of serenity, she’s far from a pushover. She’s a philanthropist who appreciates the idea of behaving with elegance and grace. She’s also someone, though, who knows that talking gets people nowhere. Actions are all that matter. DeVos is all about pure action. Dick DeVos is exactly like her in that way. Her husband is a businessman and philanthropist who has many feelings that are just like hers. Betsy and Dick both appreciate the great things they have in this world. They like to express their gratitude. They communicated their gratitude by setting up a charitable group they called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. This organization, as its name communicates, is family-oriented. It concentrates on much more than basic family matters, too. This group is all about helpful donations that go toward causes that encompass many critical sectors. The couple gives respectable amounts of money to causes that matter to the American people. Some examples of the causes that lead to tangible effects in the United States are education, poverty and art.


Betsy DeVos wants all of the bright-eyed young people in the nation to have superb educational opportunities. Her children luckily enough had five-star schooling opportunities. She isn’t oblivious to the fact that there are many in the country who haven’t had them. There are many youngsters at this moment in time who have no option but to sign up for schools that just aren’t appropriate for their individual learning requirements and hopes. DeVos has been waxing poetic about educational choice and its strengths for decades. Her husband knows all too well that educational choice is a topic that encourages her to push to the front no matter what. DeVos is an individual who wants to be heard. That’s one incentive President Trump had when he selected her for his team. She thrives as the Secretary of Education. It’s in many ways something she was born to do. Eager Elisabeth Prince wanted to do so much while she was learning at Calvin College. She’s actually probably exceeded her expectations. Donations have been an enormous part of her existence. Political matters have been an everyday topic for her and for her family members. She’s always trying to do things that are in the best interests of society. She cares about people who are part of all age groups. She’s a mother who always looks out for the kids in this world. She, at the same time, also has a grasp of the value of adults who are simply trying to make it.


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Real Life Experiences Are Part of The Equation of Their Music for Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Pall, known as one half of the duo The Chainsmokers came into his own, DJing around New York City describing it as ‘side work’ and a ‘little career’. His music grew from a hobby to consume his life. Pall got to the point he wanted to give his music his all. He was introduced to Andrew Taggert. Andrew had a pension for electronic music before the wave happened. In all actuality, the wave of electronic music wound its way throughout Taggert’s college experience. Pall and Taggert hit it off and the pairing made sense. Pall knew this by their conversations and how they evolved from what they themselves brought to the table into talk of drive and ambition.

Taking constant stock of who was on top in the business at the moment and frankly who was not making the cut. Being hard on themselves to become better because Pall believes people feel their music on a deeper level. Pall also conveys that discussion is important in bringing a concept to reality. Their real lives always being the constant thread throughout their music. Both are dedicated and have a heavy hand in every facet of their sound alongside other songwriters. Pall explains about feeling the pressure of an album and the fans wanting it. They just don’t want to compile songs that do not flow together. Wanting instead, a story that speaks of who they are now. Incorporating unique strong voices like Halsey is a part of that story.

Alex Pall shouts out to social media for helping him gauge what type of people are becoming connected to their music. He breaks it down to more international and a mostly even split between a male and female demographic of 16 to 25-year-olds. Seeing through his own mother walking into a room humming one of their songs he really knows their sound transcends age. They care that their music stirs an emotion. Forever changing audiences and new legions of fans mean forever evolving shows for Pall. There has always been the performance factor but it’s getting bigger. Pushing shows into festivals to bring fans new experiences. He knows becoming complacent in this business is not an option.

Enhanced Athlete Protecting its Industry

The company of Enhanced Athlete is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming is focused on providing bodybuilding products  and fitness. The company is one of the most active opponents of shakedown lawsuits and coercion the of other companies to pay fees in order to avoid legal attacks.


Last year, the Enhanced Athlete became a victim of a business in the area called Nutrioton Dostibution LLC. The company has filed over 70 lawsuits against a variety of businesses in the the same industry. The Nutrition Distribution LLC has also coerced much more into paying settlements in charge of not being sued. The company has been systematically accusing competitors of false advertising that has harmed the sales of the self-proclaimed leader of the industry. The Enhanced Athlete has been fighting against that to make the industry safer for companies working in it and their clients as well.


In 2017, the Enhanced Athlete managed to convince a judge of the Eastern District of California to deny the injunction by the Nutrition Distributor LLC. That was a win for the entire fitness and bodybuilding industry.


The Enhanced Athlete company claimed that the Nutrio Distribution LLC has never been able to show proof of its accusation which continued to the decision of the judge. Even though the latter moved ahead with their preliminary junction, it was soon denied as they failed to provide proof for suffering lost sales because of Enhanced Athlete or any other company in the industry it had previously accused.


The leader of the Enhanced Athlete s Chief Executive Officer Scott Cavell. He has been with the company for a handful of years and seen it through many of its stages of development in its line of work. H stated that the Enhance Athlete would fight against the injustice of such companies and victimization of competitors. CEO Scott Cavell also added that the lawsuit shakedown is not the right business model for any company and as long Nutrition DIstribution LLC continues to work by it the industry will no be safe for other companies.


The Enhanced Athlete worked with the attorney Mr. Michael Adams who has been serving at the law firm of Rutan and Ticker LLC. Mr. Michael Adamsconfimered that the Court did not find the allegations made by the Nutrition Distribution LLC about any lost sales.


Th company of the Enhanced Athlete Inc was started up in 2015. The company is a retailer of products for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. On the website of the taler, costumers can find products such as products , powders, foods, as well as clothing, small gear and more.


In addition to that, the company is also a provider of coaching for their clients. The company provides its clients with several programs they can choose from and select the one that suits them the most. Those programs include a personalized pan, custom workouts, diet and meal prep. Clients can also pick up a pack such as the Starter Pack, the Summer Shred, and many others. All of them include several of the individual programs.

How Clayton Hutson Established Himself in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson attended college where he studied theatre design and went on to work for few companies that offered live entertainment solutions. He held the positions of the Project Manager and Sound Engineer where he gained the experience that later made him stand on his own. Hutson decided to choose the path of an entrepreneur, ending up to create his live entertainment production company.


Although he has experimented in the corporate entertainment sector and traveling outfit, Hutson was called to the altar of rock-n-roll. Due to his love for the music industry, he has decided to devote his time to producing, designing and managing live tours. Along with his career, Hutson has been able to work for some of the biggest names in the music industry including Pink, Kid Rock, and many others.


In an interview, this is how Clay Hutson responded to some of the questions that he was asked;


Where he got the idea of his company

Hutson said that he worked in the overall field for a long time and gained enough experience before setting up his own business. It is from this working experience that he perfected his skills in all dimensions of the live entertainment.


How his typical day looks like and how he makes it productive

He said that his day begins at 6:30, he goes through the day’s schedule before anyone arrives and begins to plan for his team.


How he brings the ideas to life

Clayton Hutson said that he has a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t, this is what he builds on. To turn visions into reality, he does a lot of CAD design and his practical nature allows him to work out on the kinks.


What he does from time to time and recommends others to do

Hutson said that he always check, double check and triple check everything he does. When you attach your name to a product, you have to ensure that the product is impeccable or this will tarnish your name. Learn more:


His experience as an entrepreneur

He said that he finds himself working approximately three paces ahead of what is currently happening, this is what makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. He is the first person to visualize space in the morning and then take considerable time outlining the activities of the day.

M&A Advisors Awards Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a large institution that is changing the lives of high net worth individuals and corporations in the recent times. The finance company is not new in the tight market. The firm was established several years ago by individuals who felt that consumers in the market were not getting the high quality financial support they were looking for. Madison Street Capital has been so successful despite the huge challenges faced by most people. The people who have received any type of service from the firm say that they were never disappointed. The leadership of the company recently made a new announcement.


According to the news published at the firm website, Madison Street Capital has received the prestigious Debt Financing Deal of the Year award. The popular award was offered to the international company because of successfully advising on the transaction for WLR Automotive. The respected award was offered by one of the leading companies in the market, known as M&A Advisor. Many people in the society have been working so hard to acquire recognition from the respected company. However, very few have become successful due to the challenges in the tough markets. Madison Street Capital reputation has never been questionable, and this has played a key role in the success experienced by the company in the recent times.


The M&A Advisor has been focusing on rewarding companies and professionals that have shown great results in the finance world. Very few companies have been fortunate to get an award from the firm. The firm is very popular in the world, and it does not favor any candidates in the nomination process. In the awarding ceremony that was held in New York City, the company president said that he was very excited to offer the prestigious award to Madison Street Capital.


Madison Street Capital has received several awards from the same platform in the past. Less than one year ago, the investment management company was given two awards because of the great services it has been offering consumers. The company has been successful in completing international deals because of the highly experienced professionals under its watch. These individuals are trained to work in all conditions, and they have been dedicated in all the numerous tasks given. Madison Street Capital has a great and experienced leader who has done a lot for his customers. Charles Botchway has been instrumental in the success acquired by the company over the years.

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Bob Reina’s Innovative Tech Company

Bob Reina officially launched Talk Fusion in 2007. Bob Reina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is based out of Brandon, Florida. Talk Fusion delivers advanced visual and audio technology to their customers. They also offer help and support to people in the communities that they have the opportunity to serve. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is an innovative, high-quality video marketing company. Bob Reina works to help people make their dreams come true. The most substantial donation he has made was $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He encourages his employees to get in their community and help out. He wants to change the lives of everyone that encounters his work. He wants his employees to take on his way of thinking when it comes to ensuring the well-being of the human race. He wants to help charities spread their message.

Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after AOL notified him that video messaging was impossible. He has used this company birthed out of his misfortune. He was viewing a house that he was hoping to buy when he learned that video email was not yet possible. AOL told him that it would never be possible and he set out to prove them wrong. He created the company to change the lives of his customers and employees. Bob Reina also created Talk Fusion to show people all over the world that anything is possible if they work hard and believe.

Talk Fusion has launched innovative, high-quality video conference software that has significantly changed the lives of the people that have decided to use the products. The new release allows real-time communication. This new program will allow people to deliver one-way videos and operate video based conferences.

Talk Fusion’s new software gives companies the options to host video conferences conveniently. Meetings are no longer limited to the boardroom. The new program allows flexibility in the time and location of the meeting they are having. Talk Fusion doesn’t want to restrict their users to one device they want to give them options.

Talk Fusion takes pride in providing quality products to their customers. Host are also allowed to test the program to make sure that their presentation will show professionally. Talk Fusion has created products that perform above their competitors. Bob Reina has plans to continue the growth of Talk Fusion.