Enhanced Athlete Protecting its Industry

The company of Enhanced Athlete is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming is focused on providing bodybuilding products  and fitness. The company is one of the most active opponents of shakedown lawsuits and coercion the of other companies to pay fees in order to avoid legal attacks.


Last year, the Enhanced Athlete became a victim of a business in the area called Nutrioton Dostibution LLC. The company has filed over 70 lawsuits against a variety of businesses in the the same industry. The Nutrition Distribution LLC has also coerced much more into paying settlements in charge of not being sued. The company has been systematically accusing competitors of false advertising that has harmed the sales of the self-proclaimed leader of the industry. The Enhanced Athlete has been fighting against that to make the industry safer for companies working in it and their clients as well.


In 2017, the Enhanced Athlete managed to convince a judge of the Eastern District of California to deny the injunction by the Nutrition Distributor LLC. That was a win for the entire fitness and bodybuilding industry.


The Enhanced Athlete company claimed that the Nutrio Distribution LLC has never been able to show proof of its accusation which continued to the decision of the judge. Even though the latter moved ahead with their preliminary junction, it was soon denied as they failed to provide proof for suffering lost sales because of Enhanced Athlete or any other company in the industry it had previously accused.


The leader of the Enhanced Athlete s Chief Executive Officer Scott Cavell. He has been with the company for a handful of years and seen it through many of its stages of development in its line of work. H stated that the Enhance Athlete would fight against the injustice of such companies and victimization of competitors. CEO Scott Cavell also added that the lawsuit shakedown is not the right business model for any company and as long Nutrition DIstribution LLC continues to work by it the industry will no be safe for other companies.


The Enhanced Athlete worked with the attorney Mr. Michael Adams who has been serving at the law firm of Rutan and Ticker LLC. Mr. Michael Adamsconfimered that the Court did not find the allegations made by the Nutrition Distribution LLC about any lost sales.


Th company of the Enhanced Athlete Inc was started up in 2015. The company is a retailer of products for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. On the website of the taler, costumers can find products such as products , powders, foods, as well as clothing, small gear and more.


In addition to that, the company is also a provider of coaching for their clients. The company provides its clients with several programs they can choose from and select the one that suits them the most. Those programs include a personalized pan, custom workouts, diet and meal prep. Clients can also pick up a pack such as the Starter Pack, the Summer Shred, and many others. All of them include several of the individual programs.

How Clayton Hutson Established Himself in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson attended college where he studied theatre design and went on to work for few companies that offered live entertainment solutions. He held the positions of the Project Manager and Sound Engineer where he gained the experience that later made him stand on his own. Hutson decided to choose the path of an entrepreneur, ending up to create his live entertainment production company.


Although he has experimented in the corporate entertainment sector and traveling outfit, Hutson was called to the altar of rock-n-roll. Due to his love for the music industry, he has decided to devote his time to producing, designing and managing live tours. Along with his career, Hutson has been able to work for some of the biggest names in the music industry including Pink, Kid Rock, and many others.


In an interview, this is how Clay Hutson responded to some of the questions that he was asked;


Where he got the idea of his company

Hutson said that he worked in the overall field for a long time and gained enough experience before setting up his own business. It is from this working experience that he perfected his skills in all dimensions of the live entertainment.


How his typical day looks like and how he makes it productive

He said that his day begins at 6:30, he goes through the day’s schedule before anyone arrives and begins to plan for his team.


How he brings the ideas to life

Clayton Hutson said that he has a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t, this is what he builds on. To turn visions into reality, he does a lot of CAD design and his practical nature allows him to work out on the kinks.


What he does from time to time and recommends others to do

Hutson said that he always check, double check and triple check everything he does. When you attach your name to a product, you have to ensure that the product is impeccable or this will tarnish your name. Learn more: https://www.discogs.com/artist/4165463-Clay-Hutson


His experience as an entrepreneur

He said that he finds himself working approximately three paces ahead of what is currently happening, this is what makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. He is the first person to visualize space in the morning and then take considerable time outlining the activities of the day.

M&A Advisors Awards Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a large institution that is changing the lives of high net worth individuals and corporations in the recent times. The finance company is not new in the tight market. The firm was established several years ago by individuals who felt that consumers in the market were not getting the high quality financial support they were looking for. Madison Street Capital has been so successful despite the huge challenges faced by most people. The people who have received any type of service from the firm say that they were never disappointed. The leadership of the company recently made a new announcement.


According to the news published at the firm website, Madison Street Capital has received the prestigious Debt Financing Deal of the Year award. The popular award was offered to the international company because of successfully advising on the transaction for WLR Automotive. The respected award was offered by one of the leading companies in the market, known as M&A Advisor. Many people in the society have been working so hard to acquire recognition from the respected company. However, very few have become successful due to the challenges in the tough markets. Madison Street Capital reputation has never been questionable, and this has played a key role in the success experienced by the company in the recent times.


The M&A Advisor has been focusing on rewarding companies and professionals that have shown great results in the finance world. Very few companies have been fortunate to get an award from the firm. The firm is very popular in the world, and it does not favor any candidates in the nomination process. In the awarding ceremony that was held in New York City, the company president said that he was very excited to offer the prestigious award to Madison Street Capital.


Madison Street Capital has received several awards from the same platform in the past. Less than one year ago, the investment management company was given two awards because of the great services it has been offering consumers. The company has been successful in completing international deals because of the highly experienced professionals under its watch. These individuals are trained to work in all conditions, and they have been dedicated in all the numerous tasks given. Madison Street Capital has a great and experienced leader who has done a lot for his customers. Charles Botchway has been instrumental in the success acquired by the company over the years.

Read https://www.pr.com/press-release/736511 to learn more.

Bob Reina’s Innovative Tech Company

Bob Reina officially launched Talk Fusion in 2007. Bob Reina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is based out of Brandon, Florida. Talk Fusion delivers advanced visual and audio technology to their customers. They also offer help and support to people in the communities that they have the opportunity to serve. Learn more: https://patch.com/florida/southtampa/bob-reina-introduces-new-talk-fusion-software-features-webrtc-technology

Talk Fusion is an innovative, high-quality video marketing company. Bob Reina works to help people make their dreams come true. The most substantial donation he has made was $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He encourages his employees to get in their community and help out. He wants to change the lives of everyone that encounters his work. He wants his employees to take on his way of thinking when it comes to ensuring the well-being of the human race. He wants to help charities spread their message.

Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after AOL notified him that video messaging was impossible. He has used this company birthed out of his misfortune. He was viewing a house that he was hoping to buy when he learned that video email was not yet possible. AOL told him that it would never be possible and he set out to prove them wrong. He created the company to change the lives of his customers and employees. Bob Reina also created Talk Fusion to show people all over the world that anything is possible if they work hard and believe.

Talk Fusion has launched innovative, high-quality video conference software that has significantly changed the lives of the people that have decided to use the products. The new release allows real-time communication. This new program will allow people to deliver one-way videos and operate video based conferences.

Talk Fusion’s new software gives companies the options to host video conferences conveniently. Meetings are no longer limited to the boardroom. The new program allows flexibility in the time and location of the meeting they are having. Talk Fusion doesn’t want to restrict their users to one device they want to give them options.

Talk Fusion takes pride in providing quality products to their customers. Host are also allowed to test the program to make sure that their presentation will show professionally. Talk Fusion has created products that perform above their competitors. Bob Reina has plans to continue the growth of Talk Fusion.

Hussain Sajwani The Pattern For Success

When Hussain Sajwani was in school as a boy, he was forced to work long hours for his businessman father in Dubai. The family business was a variety store that sold Chinese imports, office supplies, and consumer products. He told his father that when he grew up he would rather be a professional with a degree because then he would be able to work normal hours.


Hussain was awarded a scholarship to college in the United States where he earned a degree in economics and engineering. He then traveled back to his native Dubai where he worked for a time as an engineer for an oil company.


Hussain’s employment didn’t persist as he discovered an opportunity of which he took advantage. He formed a catering firm that supplied the US Army with food during the two Gulf Wars in Kuwait and Iraq. This venture turned out to be a great success and it paved the way for future exploits. This company is still in business today.


In 2002, Hussain formed the company DAMAC Properties, a real estate investment, and development company. DAMAC would be the vehicle that would put the Hussain Sajwani family on the map for good and make him a household name in real estate. Sajwani had foreseen a real estate boom when the government of the UAE announced that it was relaxing the immigration regulations for foreign nationals to live in the country.


Hussain, the DAMAC owner, had been correct in his estimates on immigration and he was placed in the right location at the right time. His marketing and promotional skills came into play and the DAMAC brand was well-known very quickly all over the land. His first apartment project was completely sold out before any construction could take place.


Sajwani, not one to let any grass grow under his feet just repeated his successes and soon his apartments were very numerous. To date, DAMAC has completed over 19,000 apartments with more than 44,000 more in various stages of completion.


DAMAC holds the number one rank on the Forbes 2017 Global 2017 listing. This honor is predicated on the compounded growth annually from the years 2013 to 2016.


Connect with Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn for more information.

Controlling Contraband Cellphones In Prisons Is A Reality Thanks To The Securus Wireless Containment System

It’s true. People behind bars still commit crimes. That may sound like a crazy statement given the fact prisoners are alone for most hours in a day. But life in prison is not just punishment for crimes against society, it’s an environment that breeds criminal ingenuity and law-breaking techniques. Illegal practices fly under the prison radar thanks to one of society’s most influential technologies, the cellphone. That’s right. If you ever watched “Orange is the New Black” or any movie about prison life, you know an illegal cellphone is a weapon of mass destruction in prisons. Prisoners are able to continue their illegal activities behind bars when they have a hidden cellphone. In fact, prison officials say smuggling cellphones into prisons cause more damage than the drugs that slip into prisons in a plethora of ingenious ways.

Finding hidden cellphone is a daunting task. Prison guards search high and low for any signs of cellphones, but prisoners have a way of concealing their prized possessions. An illegal cellphone tops the list of valuable prisoner assets in a correction facility. Some prisoners want other essential needs while they are behind bars, but gang members and the lifelong criminals only want a cellphone, so they can continue to break laws and hurt the public. Most people don’t realize how important cellphones are in prison until they hear stories about prison officials becoming targets because they try to stop cellphone use. One prison official in Florida knows the danger of finding illegal cellphones. He was the victim of a targeted-shooting for doing his job. The person who shot the official got the job from a prisoner using a contraband cellphone.

Stories like that one are in the news almost daily. Prison officials are at risk every day, according to a Securus Technologies executive. Securus Technologies is the company that provides products and service to prisons nationwide. Securus is always developing new systems that help prison officials maintain order in the chaotic incarceration world. The new Securus Wireless Containment System that stops illegal cellphone use is the first of its kind. The system is already in place in prisons across the country. Plus, the five-star feedback is giving people hope that prisoners will not be able to cause bodily harm or break more laws while they sit behind bars talking on a cellphone.

The Securus Wireless Containment System not only blocks illegal calls, it can detect the location of the phones when they are in use. That’s a big deal, and an important technological advancement, according to sheriff departments around the country. Stopping cellphone calls before they create more havoc is just one way Securus Technologies protects the public. The innovative systems that Securus offers correction facilities are important crime deterrents behind prison walls as well as outside of those walls.


Improve Your Hearing At Sussex Healthcare Center For Audiology

One of the most common conditions that often happen as we age is of hearing. Any changes in how you hear things occur slowly and before you know it, you are diagnosed with the loss of hearing. If you experience the feeling that other people often “mumble,” or say things over and over while talking to you, it is possible that your hearing has been diminished. If you turn the volume on the television up high-it could be because your hearing has changed. Even such things as having a hard time understanding words on the phone, it can be an indication that you are having hearing loss.

Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology are the top leaders in the field. Their mission is to make sure every person has the highest quality of hearing. They are experts in the field of audiology and have been accredited by such organizations as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the QIPS in the UK. The professionalism of these Centers is the highest quality as they use cutting edge of technology, extensively trained audiologists, and the highest ethical standards. The Sussex Healthcare also have developed highly developed rules from the government complete with regular audits for patient safety.

If you are wondering what a visit to these clinics can do, they can change your life. Their hearing aids can enhance your life by improving the sound you receive. Hearing instruments are designed to improve the volume and clarity of the sounds you hear, whether it is at home with your family or at work. Improved hearing gives you more confidence as you can respond accurately to those around you.

Read more on glassdoor.com

You are not alone if you are experiencing audio issues. Surveys show that 1 out of every 6 people has some type of damage to their hearing. Most of these people report a gradual loss of hearing. 70% of those clients over 70 and 40% of those over 50 reports having some sort of hearing issues.

One thing to carefully consider is that the longer you wait to address hearing loss, the more damage that can be done to your hearing. Sussex Healthcare for Audiology clinics can be found in Surrey, Sussex, and Berkshire to assist you. You don’t want to trust something as important as your hearing to just anyone, so make sure you visit Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology to see what can be done for you.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/10/sussex-healthcares-new-facility-is-as-amazing-as-its-quality-of-care/

What It Means To Lead The Nation In The Railway System

The challenge in achieving superb innovation is found in the process of breaking a new mold. Let’s add this concept into the development of the railway system. The railway system was initially built one hundred years ago. The rail tracks and the locations it arrives to are fundamentally the same as they were when the rail industry first flourished. The difference we have today is grounded on innovation.


Innovation has a severe challenge however, and this has to do with breaking every mold that innovation brings into the railway industry. There’s one agency that can break this mold year after year. The agency is National Steel Car, and it leads the Northern countries as the number-one rail car manufacturer. The innovations of the past are improved with this agency’s work.



Who Is National Steel Car

National Steel Car is owned by Gregory J. Aziz who also operates as the agency’s chairman, CEO and standing president. National Steel Car was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. The National Steel Car brand began its ascent into the corporate world by first mastering the concepts of the railway system. National Steel Car then set out to combine American business productivity with the business of its Canadian neighbor.


This effort requires a massive ability to build the machines and innovation that will allow tons of products to be rail-transported from one country to the other. Here is where National Steel Car develops a name in business and where the agency found its most strategic leverage in the market. The result is a standing position as a leader in the industry of steel and locomotion. For more than a decade NSC has been recognized by the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee for supplier excellence. Furthermore, NSC is the only railcar manufacturer in North America to obtain a 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization.



What Is The Agency’s Innovation?

It takes much more than a simple business opportunity when generating billions in success. The true ingredient behind the National Steel Car brand is innovation. The simple concepts of the railway system that are still being used today have the room for quality control, but only a true professional can accomplish the work. The work consists of knowing about all the advancements of today. See This Page for more information


The advancements of railway technology have been expanding every year now, so knowing the latest being used and being applied is key. The National Steel Car agency depends on the work of innovation, and as it takes the work of the railway system and expands it substantially. The work is completed with the help of James Aziz, and the industry has a great deal to benefit from it.

Learn More: http://gregaziz1.strikingly.com/

From a Prominent Doctor to an Even More Successful Businessman – Scott Rocklage

Scott M. Rocklage has what many people related to the health industry never even attempt to get. That is the business knowledge that goes way beyond basics of what his Ph.D. degree has taught him. Currently, he is a managing partner for the 5A Ventures where he has been since 2003.


Dr. Rocklage got his B.S. Degree from the Univesity of California while his Ph.D. came from an IVY league school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Berkeley and thus far has achieved numerous milestones. He was able to lead the effort of three different U.S. Drug Applications that resulted in FDA’s approval. Besides these, he still has active drug clinical trials that he has brought upon. Besides being a managing partner at 5AM Ventures. Dr. Rocklage has had a chance to be the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, President and CEO of a company named Nycomed Salutar, and the list goes on.


While working for 5AM Ventures, Dr. Rocklage has been able to engage in numerous non-medicine oriented activities. For example, he has many days where his agenda is oriented on the portfolio of the company and board meetings that is not necessarily something a regular doctor would do.


Although there are business decisions to be made, Dr. Rocklage still enjoys everything his medicinal career has to offer. To this end, he is currently very excited about all the trends that surround the area of mutations or genotypes that treat cancer. He believes that there are improvements to be made in this field and the ultimate result can be millions of lives saved.


Some notable advice that he has for any newcomer to the world of business includes to be familiar with risk and take it as needed. Also, he favors working for a company that will utilize their strengths and focuses on them. Staying up to date with all the different trends that might be popular at any given moment is difficult to do without losing sight of the end goal.


Working on teams is the ultimate advice from this businessman as he believes all the important decisions should be made by a group.


Connect with Dr. Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn.

Hussain Sanjawi Grew a Business Out of Daring

Hussain Sanjawi grew up with a father who was in business for himself and who made young Hussain work long hours after school in his father’s shop. The Damac owner swore that he would never be in business, but would be satisfied to go to university and get a degree to become a professional and work regular hours.


So Hussain attended the University of Washington in the United States, far away from the UAE and received a degree in engineering. After graduation, he went back to Abu Dhabi to go into the oil and gas business. Two years later, in spite of his childhood promise to himself, he started a catering company which wound up being the primary caterer during the Gulf Wars to the US Army in the Middle East. The catering operation is still in existence under the name of Global Logistics Services.


In 2002 Sajwani started DAMAC Properties as he saw the need for accommodations for people coming into his country for business and for professional people. His first project, an apartment building catering to the higher income types, was sold out before the construction was even begun. Sajwani always devotes his cash to the major portion of the investments he makes with only a small portion financed.


Sajwani’s outrageous advertising tactics were the reason for the immediate success, and he became known for his raucous and engaging ads such as, “A Bently Free For Every Apartment Purchased.” His business has developed close to 19,000 apartments since the beginning of the company and has over 44,000 units under various stages of construction.


Sajwani operates under very strict principles such as the purchase of the land by paying cash. Once you own the land, no one can kick you out. Then the construction itself has separate accounting and bank accounts for each property so that each one stands on it own. This is very smart business tactics because if one property has financial trouble, it doesn’t affect the rest of the business. Currently the rest of the Hussain Sajwani family is also involved in his far-reaching enterprises.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on twitter.


Recently some of the projects featured a Donald Trump golf course designed by Tiger Woods. There are currently two such courses on a couple of his more elegant properties.