Mike Baur: Good governance promotes startups growth

Switzerland is one of the technologically advanced countries in the world. This scenario is attributed the high number of tech startups that are coming up every day in the country. The government has also made it easy for businesses to be operational by creating a favorable business environment. Switzerland has for a very long time enjoyed stable political and governance environment.


Governance has been a key factor in the growth of the country. The government in Switzerland has set a culture of investing heavily in the economy. There has been a huge investment in the supporting structures of the economy mainly in the transportation and educational facilities. These structures are supposed to boost productivity for all the people in society. They create a level playing ground fie anyone interested in utilizing them.


An improved educational system means that there is a huge number of skilled citizens who can be very productive to the economy. The educated population is also the one that is coming with the innovative ideas that we see today. The population which mainly comprises of the young people is coming up with new ideas which are creating solutions to some of the problems that affect the local people. Most big corporations do not have the basic needs of the end user; however, a startup can be able to address the needs of the people in a more customized manner.


The government has also invested in creating a minimum wage that assures every person in the country is able to live comfortably. This creates a situation where the people are able to concentrate on productivity without worrying much about how they will feed their families.


According to reports by world transparency international, Switzerland is among the least corrupt countries in the country. With low corruption, the government is able to direct its resources into projects that are more important to the country. While other corrupt countries drain their resources on corruption deals, Switzerland is investing heavily in projects that matter. It also makes the people believe their government is dedicated to improving their welfare.


About Mike Baur


Mike Baur is an experienced tech investor in Switzerland. He is the executive chairman of a startup factory he co-founded alongside his college friend Max Meister. The startup factory is known as Swiss Startup Factory. He founded the company in 2014 after leaving the banking sector.


He was working with UBS and Clariden Leu. He was in the banking sector for about 25 years.


The Shooting of a Pizza Delivery Man in New Brunswick

In 2013, residents of New Brunswick woke up to the sad news of a pizza delivery man’s shooting. Parysh Wood, a 21 year old black man has now been charged with shooting the pizza delivery man. The series of events is dated to November 30th, 2012. Recalling these events, residents narrate what took place when a pizza delivery man was called for a delivery at the Quincy Circle.




According to a statement issued by the resident, there was no pizza order. The deliveryman was seen when the resident who allegedly placed the order was walking to his car. In the same scene, three men appeared to convince the pizza delivery guy that the order was meant to be delivered at their place. Unconscious of any precariousness within the vicinity, the pizza delivery guy is reluctant. His innocence does not allow his cognitive ability to sense any danger because to him, it is business as usual. The pizza delivery guy walks back to his car for the package. Suddenly, there is a twist of events that end up running into history books.




Walking to the car to grab pizza, a suspect dispenses a handgun, pointing it to the delivery guy’s head. Snatching away his wallet, pizza and bag, the suspect flees to a parking lot in the neighborhood. According to some eye witnesses, the suspects walked into an old car featuring dark tinted windows. The lead investigator of the case, Mr. Ron Seaman came up with conclusive findings on the robbery stating that Wood was the first suspect linked to the robbery. Having concrete evidence against him, it was projected that Wood was highly associated with the case.




Presently, Wood is in Middlesex County Correction Facility. He has been granted cash bail of $ 100,000. According to Hayducka, the chief facilitator, the society is dominated by gun violence but the police department is always hands on in dealing with such cases. Equipped with high-tech resources to find evidence and link the suspects to the case, Hayducka stated that the case was resolved within the first four months of the crime. Even with the challenges, the investigators did not give up. With the onset of technology as the major channels for not only communication but also research findings, criminals are inclined to leave a trace of evidence. That is what the Wood left behind during the Quincy pizza delivery man shooting.


Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Inc. Helping Investors

Serving Austin, Texas and also covering New Braunfels, Bastrop, Georgetown, Marble Falls, and Houston. Wealth Solutions, Inc. helps business owners, families, and individuals with extensive financial planning (http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/). The professionals at WSI know that with changing financial markets, they need to help their clients with investment solutions that will help them with retirement and let them continue to grow their assets. To keep clients abreast of current developments in financial planning, WSI keeps them informed with emails that they can choose to receive from the Financial Education Series. WSI is focused on helping clients reach their retirement goals so they can be assured of a viable income. They can also help with estate planning, insurance, and money management.

Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions Inc. has worked in the financial industry for over 20 years. He believes in maintaining a close relationship with clients and giving them all the options they need to make sound investment decisions. One of the areas of Richard’s expertise is helping clients plan their retirement and analyze their future needs in the areas of personal expenses and asset management.

Richard entered the financial services field after he graduated from the University of Houston in 1993, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. With his talent for finance he started Wealth Solutions Inc. in 1994 because he wanted to help clients with their financial and investment needs. With a long line of teachers in his family, he has a personal love for education and he wanted the chance to give investors the financial education they needed to manage their assets. Richard and his team at WSI employ what they call a “three pillar approach.” Pillar one is to help the client develop a long term plan. Pillar two involves developing a strategy that is custom made for each client’s needs. Pillar three involves helping clients with insurance and long-term care insurance, so they can have the coverage necessary to handle the crisis that you can’t predict in life.

Richard Blair holds several certifications that include Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Annuity Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Professional, and Investment Adviser Representative. Working with Richard at WSI are staff members Karen Mosich, Executive Associate, Kathleen Neck, Human Resources and Special Projects, and Vashanti Mehta, Director of Operations.

Equities First HoldingsL Specializing in Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent companies working to sustain their clients with the issuance of stock-based loans. According to the company, they view the use of stock-based loans a s one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working loans to their clients to ensure they meet their daily financial needs despite the heavy economic crisis. Equities First Holdings is also acknowledged as a loan provider in the international arena. The company uses stocks as collateral to issue loans to their clients across the world. Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 by Al Christy.


When the company was founded, few people had the interest in knowing what its business was in the credit industry. However, the company embarked on massive campaigns to secure flexible loans using stocks as collateral. This made the company start harvesting many business deals from rich individuals as well as companies seeking fast capital for their business. This tradition went on as the company sought after better business deals. When the 2007 financial crisis came in, people started realizing why Equities First Holdings was the best source of loans. The company issued the stock-based loans with minimal interest rates.


During the harsh economic season, credit banks and institutions tighten their loan qualification criteria. For this reason, few people qualify for the credit loans. As a result, the banks also increase their interest rates to amounts that scare most people away. This action becomes the selling point for the stock-based loans as their interest rates are kept minimal despite the harsh economic season of the year. Equities First Holdings covers almost all the continents of the world in offices situated in South Africa, London, Perth, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Because of the good reputation of Equities First Holdings, they have continued to increase in business and growth with each passing day.


Richard Mishaan the World Class Interior Designer

Richard is one of the sought after interior designers in the world. His work exudes style, expense, exotic and uniqueness in every masterpiece. Mishaan came to New York City in 1978, and he attended the New York University to pursue a course in Business Administration. He also did an Architecture course at Columbia University. Richard Mishaan’s career began as an attaché at Philip Johnson’s office in New York City. During his apprenticeship, Mishaan acquired a wealth of experience in fashion, interior design, and Architecture. This blend combined with his Colombian heritage propelled him to be one of the most celebrated designers.


As a designer who loves high-end luxury and quality, Richard Mishaan Design has been an excellent choice for many clients who enjoy rich and stylish designs that ooze bold statements and sophistication. Richard Mishaan Designs are bold in color, perhaps familiar with the colorful cities of the world that he has had interaction with in his career path.


Richard Mishaan Design’s first job was the upgrading of the presidential suites at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. He was assigned with the designing of the suite to emulate its class, a project he delivered to the tee. After this project, Richard Mishaan Design’s success has skyrocketed ever since his niche mostly being hotels and home designs.

Some designers in his field content with mediocrity, but he has set himself up not to deliver anything average to his clients. His works speak for itself from the private residences, apartments and hotel suites, Richard makes each project unique and sophisticated. Richard Mishaan Design creates synergy between collectible pieces of art and the tonality and textures that excite the home owners.


One of the aspects that make Richard Mishaan Design stand out is the use of bold colors; colors are essential in his delivery of projects.




Bruno Fagali Outstanding Legal Expertise

Bruno Fagali, a specialist direct and corporate respectability master, is known for his commitments to clean the Brazilian open contracts, considering the outrages behind the questionable contracts, by driving honesty crusade and straightforwardness drive.

Bruno Fagali is the organizer and accomplice of his own Law firm called FAGALI support and furthermore acts as the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova/sb, a main Brazilian promotion office. With practically of a time of involvement in giving superb lawful arrangements particularly in the corporate segment, Bruno Fagali comprehends what is should have been put as check for the cleanup battle.

Bruno Fagali is exceedingly experienced in Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali knows the significance of his meeting with nova/sb and has conveyed numerous activities to drive honesty inside the ad firm. As a pioneer in the promotion business, the organization gets countless contracts which are specifically sourced from the different government divisions.

Because of the broad open outrage detailed against the defilement in different government divisions, the administration is centered around actualizing a straightforwardness drive that can bring back the lost confidence of the residents. As an ad office who pioneers and executes new activities, nova/sb needed a conferred drive for trustworthiness inside the association and named Bruno Fagali for the occupation.

As the Corporate Integrity Chief of the publicizing firm, he actualized a Corporate Integrity Program in both Brasilia and Sao Paulo workplaces. Because of the broad open outrage detailed against the defilement in different government divisions, the administration is centered around actualizing a straightforwardness drive that can bring back the lost confidence of the residents.

Bruno Fagali additionally shaped a representative morals board and surrounded another approach of treating workers and individuals alike. He is designated with the firm for three years and can’t make him let go before that; this obviously gives him a definitive hand and encourages him to take fair choices.

Learn more about Bruno Fagali: http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/33040264/bruno-jorge-fagali.

Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion Releases Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion announced the release of “Talk Fusion University” in June 2017. The purpose of this university is to teach the Talk Fusion Associates the skills they need in order to find the most success. The training comes directly from Bob Reina who is both the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, a network marketing company. Reina has been in the industry for more than 25 years and over the course of his career he has developed an experts knowledge in it.
Bob Reina was a police officer before joining the direct selling industry. He put together a four-step system which enabled him to become one of the top performing salesman despite having no sales experience at the time. He says the system is eminently teachable to others who can gain from his knowledge.
One of the things that Reina thinks people should know about his industry is that it is basically a team sport. People succeed by working with others and knowing how to get along with those from different backgrounds. He says that you’ll start earning real money once you focus on the entire team’s success and not just your own.
Beyond his role at Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has also contributed to both MarTech Advisor and HuffPost for a number of years. In his articles, he describes how it takes hard work to succeed as well as an expertise in marketing. He is also a motivational speaker and can often be found on Facebook LIVE as well as corporate broadcasts. During these broadcasts, he is joined by his co-host Allison Roberts who is also the VP of training and development at Talk Fusion.
Talk Fusion is a company which sells an all-in-one video product that companies use to market their products. The main product is Video Email through which they can send videos to customers and potential customers via email. Bob Reina says that video is the most powerful form of advertising there is because it’s memorable and more engaging than other forms of marketing your product. Learn more: https://www.talkfusion.com/products

Richard Mishaan’s Prowess in Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is not your average interior designer. He is one of the most sought after designers in the United States and many other parts of the world. Born in Columbia, he is one of the most creative designers around. If you ask him about modern interior design ideas, he will not hesitate to give you some. With very many projects under his arm, Richard Mishaan continues to impress his clients with the quality of his work.



Richard Mishaan is not only an interior designer but also an architect. He studied Architecture at the University of Columbia. Before that, he graduated with a BA degree from New York University. To start off his career in interior design, Mishaan decided to do an apprenticeship at the offices of Philip Johnson. Johnson is one of the most reputed designers in the world of interior design and architecture.



With the skills which he acquired during his apprenticeship, Mishaan was ready to set up his own interior design firm called Richard Mishaan Design. The firm has managed to scoop very many clients in the United States and beyond. Most of Richard Mishaan Design clients are in the hospitality industry. He also serves the residential and commercial sectors.



Richard Mishaan Design is known for their creative and innovative design ideas. They are currently involved in many hotel projects. The firm’s blend of architecture and design ideas has been influenced by Mishaan love for fashion and arts. His background and skills have made Richard Mishaan Design a household name in the industry. With recognition from magazines such as Elle Décor, the firm is a force to reckon with.



In order to book Richard Mishaan’s services, you can easily do so by visiting the firm’s official website. You can also check their portfolio for interior design ideas.





Norman Pattiz Announces the Results of the Edison Research’s Advertisement Survey

In the recent press release, Norman Pattiz, the chief executive officer of Podcast One, announced the release of the network’s survey conducted by the Edison Research. These findings were detailed results of the multiple comprehensive studies on advertising tests. They revealed that:


  • About 60 percent of the listeners are familiar with a particular grocery post-campaign brand while seven percent participated in the pre-listeners’ pre-study.


  • The advertisement survey also showed that there was an increased unaided product awareness in financial services and automobile aftermarket product by 47 percent and 37 percent respectively.


  • About a third of the participants in the survey expressed that they had a favorable opinion of the automobile aftermarket product.


  • Awareness of the automobile aftermarket product was found to have increased by 60 percent in the post-study.


This survey was carried out on three separate occasions in 2016 to assess the effectiveness of the adverts run by PodcastOne. A majority of these brands were popular among the podcast fans while some were lesser-known. In conclusion, the overall results showed that a good number of the audiences were receptive and willing to acquire those brands.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is an American businessman and a broadcasting expert. He hails from Los Angeles, and he has business operations in various parts of the United States, including California and Santa Barbra. Pattiz is the brains behind the well known Westwood One, a company that has been operational since 1976. He is a proficient entrepreneur who has succeeded in growing this business into one of the most reputable radio networks in America. Pattiz has served on the board of regents of the University of California and the Department of Energy Laboratories’ Regents Oversight Committee


He is currently the head of the Los Alamos National Security LLC and the Broadcast Education Association. Pattiz has worked alongside President Clinton on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was appointed by the former president to chair matters pertaining the U.S non-military international broadcast services. Pattiz was reappointed to manage the same docket by the former president George Bush in 2002. Pattiz has played a huge role in the development of the TV and Arabic-language radio services broadcasting in 22 Middle East Countries. Pattiz has made it into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and he is the recipient of a prestigious accolade from the Library of American Broadcasting. He is also the recipient of the Alexander Hamilton High School Scholarship and currently resides in Beverly Hills.


Visit http://normanpattiz.com/ to learn more.